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Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have questions. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions so you don't have to look very far to get answers. Search our two 10 most frequently asked questions to find the answers to your queries. 

1.  What if I don't like any of the free design templates? Answer: The Showcase Builder team is equipped with a talented design crew who will be more than happy to work with you on an original design. This service includes an extra fee.

2.  I don't have time to write copy for an entire website. Is there a shortcut I can take?  Answer: Your Showcase Builder website comes complete with generic copy. You can either fill in your own text, or modify the generic text provided.
3.  Is it possible to have multiple people managing my dealership's website? Answer: Yes. The Showcase Builder team can arrange for multiple employees can have access to different sections of your website.

4.  Since my listings will appear in two places (, as well as my dealerships website) do I have to enter information twice? Answer: Listings only need to be updated on Your Showcase Builder website will automatically pull listings from their and display them on your dealerships' website.

5.  I am not confident on my computer. How can I be sure that I will know how to use the editor to manage my information? Answer: All new Showcase Builder customers will receive a free tutorial. Also, our support staff will be available during business hours to answer your questions, at no cost to you.

6.  Do I have to download any software to my computer? Answer: No. You do not need to load any software onto your computer. Editing your website is done completely online. Simply login with your username and password, and begin editing.

7.  Will my website include my dealership's logo and branding? Answer: Yes. All of the Showcase Builder free templates are formatted to enable branding material such as logos to be included. Our goal is to make your website look and feel like an extension of you dealership.  

8.  Is it possible to send out newsletters through my Showcase Builder website? Answer: Yes. Showcase Builder's Newsletter Module allows you to email individuals on your contact list about upcoming offers and other news about your dealership. 

8.  Can I include special offers on my website? Answer: Yes! You can add any pages you would like to your website. That's wy Showcase Builder is so special: It puts the power in your hands.

9.  Is it possible to show more than one view of a vehicle? Answer. You can include multiple photos of listed vehicles.

10.  Is there a limit to amount of information I can include on my dealership's website? Answer: No. Your website is your own. A plan can be created to fit even the most ambitious dealership's needs.

Couldn't find the answers you're looking for? A member of the Showcase Builder will be happy to answer. Or contact us to speak to a member of the team.